Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Easy way to earn with Shopping API (Web Services) - Part II


In this second chapter we will discuss about the features that shopping api provides while you are developing a website using web services. api enables you to create a dynamic website that have all functionalities and fetures that most ecommerce website have. They do not provide shopping cart features, but with amazon api you can also manage shopping cart on your own website. So, if you user want to buy a product they will redirect to another stores.

These are the list of features that api will provide

1. Search functionality - As all ecommerce website you can also introduce search functionality in your website. So user can easily find product using search functionality.

2. Refine Results by category and attributes - You can include deep level categories on your website. Shopping will provide the list of categories from where you can filter categories that are not necessary for you, for example if you want to develope appliance related website then you can filter all other categories and only display appliances and its beneath categories.

3. Sort Result- Shopping api is also provide sort result functionality. With this functionality users can sort or narrow result for specific brands, store, types, price range, etc. Also you can enable sort by price, it will output product listing depends on the price range high to low or low to high.

4. Read Product Specification - This is the most important feature that most users are wanted to check. This is basically know as product detail. Shopping api provide all details about product like long description, product specification, price range and ratings.

5. Product Comparison and Price Comparison - This is most essential part while developing a website using api. With this feaure user can compare two or more than two products feature at the same time so they have exact idea about the product specification. Price comparison feature where user can find price offered by different stores.

6. Control Number of Results - You can control the number of products display on a page.

If anyone have any doubt about any of the above features then leave your comment here and i will explain in detail.

Bhavesh Goswami.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easy way to earn with Shopping API (Web Service)

Hi All,

This blog is specially for those people who want to start their own E-Commerce business. It is difficult to start your own online store with thousands of products listed in each category and its really tough to provide secure payments gateway and shipping in time.

If you are serious to start your own online store then you can easily built your online store using and web service. With shopping api you can create a website where you can include number of categories and sub categories you like, you can filter results, you can search products, you can provide narrow option.

To start shopping api store you need to register with their service. Follow this link to become member After registration you have to login to Partner account center where they will ask you to fill request API approval form. Dont forget to read their policies.

In second i will explain how to start making your website using API.

In between if you have any question please contact me at

Bhavesh Goswami.