Friday, August 1, 2008

SEO for website developed using Shopping API

Hi All,

I am back again, dam busy with project work. Today I would like to talk regarding the SEO tactics that we can implement and already implemented our client websites. We are happy to announce that we can customize the whole website developed using Shopping API. Many ready programs are available in market that helps you to create your own e-commerce website using shopping API or Amazon web service. But there are may limitations through the development, you can customize the while layout according to your choice. But we have proven track record that will show you which features we can implemented on our clients websites.

We have implemented Meta Title, Description and Keyword tags for all pages of website. If you want to optimize deep page of your website like any brand or store page then also you can easily do it. Means you can optimize deep level of the page. Most website have thousands of dynamic pages which generate from a single page and we have successfully implemented dynamic meta for all deep level pages so now you can optimize deep pages of your website. Also you can write content for every page and for deep level pages you can put dynamic content that change according to the category name, store name, price range, etc. Also you can put Header tag (H1, H2,…) where ever you want to put on your website. So, almost everything is customized.

Also now we are planning to customize narrow result means you can select which narrow options are available on your website and you can filter un-necessary narrow option that will reduce duplication.

Sorry have to go, I will continue adding features in this post so check back later.

Reference websites are available upon request.

Bhavesh Goswami.

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